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Research began in the 1940's but only now do scientists fully understand the implications.

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Your diet is the only sure way to full health and immunity to illness.

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People spend a lot on cosmetics but your skin and complexion need help from the inside too!

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Glucans are immune modulators - a natural route to freedom from infection and illness.

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Recently launched in the UK and available from - Dr Paul Clayton describes here how this completely revolutionary new facial skin treatment using Beta-Glucans works and how effective it can be:



Aesthetic surgery has made a great deal of progress in the last 50 years, but has reached the point of diminishing returns. The procedures are expensive, and getting more so as surgery becomes more invasive. Stories of surgical error abound, as the increasing demand for cosmetic operations has lured unqualified medical personnel into the clinics. And now the rise of the so-called ‘super-bugs’, bacteria resistant to all forms of treatment, has made even trivial procedures potentially life-threatening.

Surgery, however, was always a crude approach to anti-ageing, based on now out-moded concepts of what facial ageing actually is. Basically, the theory held that as skin began to sag, all that could be done was to cut, trim the excess material and stitch it back into place – rather like re-upholstering an old chair.

That mechanistic model is now being replaced by something altogether more sophisticated.

We now know that ageing of the face consists of at least three distinct elements. The first is a deterioration of the texture of the skin, which becomes thinner, less elastic and less able to retain hydration. This is due to accumulating damage to the extra-cellular matrix, a fine three-dimensional mesh of micro-fibers which determine the strength, firmness, smoothness and hydration of the skin.

The second is sagging of the features and deterioration of the general architecture of the face, due to loss of bulk and tone of the muscles and ligaments that under-pin the contours of the face and neck. And the third is a loss of bone (particularly affecting the upper and lower jaw), which is primarily due to dental problems.


As these three elements in the ageing process are so different, there is no single anti-ageing treatment – from creams to surgery – capable of genuinely rejuvenating the face. Now, however, there is at least a genuinely effective and profoundly innovative way to re-structure and rejuvenate the fine texture and bloom of the skin and above is an actual electron scan of the same wrinkle before and after 4 weeks use of Pro-Ferm which contains a specially formulated beta-glucan.


There are a number of products which claim to increase the rate at which skin cells grow; and many of these use pentapeptides as their main actives. These molecules can increase skin cell turnover, but are relatively indiscriminate and may, unwittingly, act to promote the growth of latent cancer cells. A safer and more physiological way to achieve improved skin structure is to stimulate the skin’s own immune system, an approach which leads directly to improved skin texture and at the same time improves skin immune function; thus, it is believed, reducing the risk of cancer and infection also.

This is the mode of action of the ProFerm range of skin care products. These deep-acting agents contain high-end emollients and a patented new molecular complex which combines 1-3, 1-6 beta glucans with hyaluronic acid, called Glucaferm TM. Glucaferm TM is a highly bioactive molecule with amazing physiological properties.

The 1-3, 1-6 beta glucans are the most potent immuno-stimulants known. They activate immune cells in the body, instructing them to work harder to catch and kill bacteria, and to accelerate tissue repair and healing. Various Ministeries of Defence now give beta glucans in tablet form to their troops to increase their resistance to bacteriological warfare.

Beta glucans are not able to penetrate the skin; but when complexed with hyaluronic acid (the skin’s natural hydrating agent), the compound molecule of Glucaferm TM sinks into the skin like rain into fertile soil. There is an immediate improvement in skin hydration due to the hyaluronic acid, resulting in better bloom. Meanwhile, in the background, the beta glucans get to work.

The beta glucans activate a population of cells deep in the skin called the Langerhans cells (click here for penetration tests). Langerhans cells are a key element in the skin’s defence; they protect against microorganisms that could otherwise cause disease, and clear away damaged skin cells. They also promote the growth of new skin cells and stimulate the fibroblasts, another key group of cells in the skin responsible for generating new extracellular matrix. Once activated, the Langerhans cells and the fibroblasts gradually overhaul the skin, giving it a spring-cleaning from the inside and renewing the extracellular matrix. The overall effect is a complete rejuvenation of the skin’s texture. There is a rapid improvement in skin thickness, elasticity, strength and hydration. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles fade and disappear.


If everyone were well-nourished, the application of Glucaferm TM would produce consistently excellent results. In some cases, however, the effectiveness of Glucaferm TM is restricted by Type B malnutrition. This condition is surprisingly common in the developed countries, and can be described as multiple micronutrient depletion. In persons with Type B malnutrition, the ability of the Langerhans cells to respond to Glucaferm TM is reduced due to shortfalls in the catalysts and building blocks they require to regenerate the skin. This can most effectively be restored to normal with a Type B restoration programme, in supplement form.

This comprehensive micronutrient repletion programme is the second element in the ProFerm programme. Taken with meals, the Pro-Ferm+ supplement is absorbed into the bloodstream and reaches the Langerhans cells and the fibroblasts through the sub-dermal capillary beds. Once the Langerhans cells have been supplied with all the micronutients they require in order to function properly, the arrival of Glucaferm TM through the skin moves them and the fibroblast cells into an optimal level of activity, and regeneration of the skin is accelerated. (for Supplement details click here)


Subjects who have experienced the bi-phasic programme (Pro-Ferm creams and supplements) are overjoyed with the results. In the best cases the effects are almost comparable to surgery except that there is no bruising, scarring or risk of surgical and post-surgical complications; and, of course, there is the huge improvement in skin texture and hydration which surgery cannot affect.

Many who have had surgery report that their friends comment that they look less tired – but not, usually, less old. Pro-Ferm users report that they hear from friends and colleagues that they really do look younger. What is more, as the broad spectrum Pro-Ferm micronutrient replacement programme takes effect, hair and nail condition improve - as does, in many cases, general health and well-being. The overall effect leaves Pro-Ferm users looking and feeling younger, and healthier.


More pro-ferm information - click here


Click here for the 'World First' Pro-Ferm+ pharmaco-nutritional support program for the skin - designed to be used in conjunction with Pro-Ferm.

1. Pro-Ferm anti-ageing cosmetic range containing a patented Beta-Glucan formulation incorporating Glucaferm®  skin treatment now available here.


2. Poultry breeders are testing Beta-Glucan products to replace anti-biotic.



Latest Developments
Beta Glucans are now available commercially as:


Glucasan®+, Glucamune and Betamune75 the leading beta-glucan (1-3, 1-6) products taken as a human food supplement. Now available in the UK.


Leucogard® a poultry and fish food supplement used as an alternative to anti-biotic additives.


Glucaferm® a specially developed for use in the latest face creams - it firms the skin and reverses the signs of skin ageing.




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