Beta-Glucan - the new alternative to antibiotic  
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Research began in the 1940's but only now do scientists fully understand the implications.

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Your diet is the only sure way to full health and immunity to illness.

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People spend a lot on cosmetics but your skin and complexion need help from the inside too!

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Glucans are immune modulators - a natural route to freedom from infection and illness.

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Beta-Glucan immunity booster.


Beta Glucan 1-3, 1-6 is generally acknowledged to be the Worlds leading Immuno Modulator and proven to provide the best possible uprate for the human innate immune system.


The latest independent clinical trial confirms the immunomodulatory effects of beta-glucan 1-3, 1-6 in humans - Click here for the study.


A clinical human trial Published in the European Journal of Nutrition, based on a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, multicentric study in healthy subjects, proves beta-glucan 1-3, 1-6 helps prevent colds, improves symptoms and increases the body’s potential to defend against invading pathogens: Click for Study Details and see the video below to find out how this works:




Healthy Living MagazineAllergies - even Hay Fever - can benefit.

Routine medical anti-histamines may cause drowsiness and habitual use of corticosteroid nasal sprays can promote rebound congestion.


Alternatively, beta-glucans can provide safe, welcome relief without adverse consequences and can certainly be used in conjunction with traditional remedies..



Natural Pharmacy"Beta Glucans 1-3. 1-6 trigger an enhanced immune response enabling the body's defense system to attack and overwhelm pathogens.

Scientists from organisations as wide-ranging as the National Cancer Institute (US), Harvard Medical School, Brazilian State University of Campinas, University of Naples, even the Institute for Problems of Nuclear Power Plant Safety at Chernobyl, Ukraine, have studied the Beta-Glucan group of polysaccharides. Nearly 8,500 scientific papers recording studies of Beta-Glucans have been listed on PubMed, the website of the US National Library of Medicine."

Natural Pharmacy Magazine - Click Magazine cover for full article



Discovery Health.
Beta-glucan for Seasonal Infections:

"Beta-glucan is a tool to help strengthen the immune system.
Its effects can include fighting off colds as well as helping alleviate allergy symptoms."  Click here



Fascinating research on beta-glucan 1-3,1-6 for Marathon runners.


Marathon ResearchThis was a placebo-controlled, double-blind study designed to evaluate the effect of a commercially available dietary supplement on upper-respiratory tract symptoms (URTI) and mood state. Seventy-five marathon runners (35 men, 40 women) ranging in age from 18–53 years, mean age: 36 ± 9, self administered
placebo, 250 mg or 500 mg of BETA 1,3/1,6 GLUCAN daily during the 4 week post-marathon trial period following the 2007 Carlsbad Marathon. Subjects filled out the profile of mood state (POMS) assessment and a questionnaire style health log measuring health status and URTI symptoms after 2- and 4-week treatment administrations....



Clinical Cancer ResearchRecent in-vivo research shows further benefits if beta glucan used in conjunction with cancer treatments: Orally Administered Particulate β-Glucan Modulates Tumor-Capturing Dendritic Cells and Improves Antitumor T-Cell responses in Cancer.
The beneficial properties of β-glucans have been recognized for centuries. Their proposed mechanisms of action in cancer therapy occur via stimulation of macrophages and priming of innate neutrophil complement .... Click here for more.




JoI"Beta-Glucans may also promote killing of iC3b-opsonized tumour cells engendered by administration of anti-tumour mAbs. In this study, we report that tumour-bearing mice treated with a combination of beta-glucan and an anti-tumour mAb show almost complete cessation of tumour growth.  Click Here for details


The effects of β-glucan on human immune and cancer cells...

Cancer researchIn recent years, one of the active ingredients responsible for the immuno-modulation of many of these herbs was found to be a form of complex polysaccharides known as "β-D-glucan", or simply called β-glucan. The receptors and mechanisms of action of β-glucans have recently been unfolded via in vitro and in vivo animal experiments. Since β-glucans have good margin of safety based on historical track records, their potential therapeutic value deserve further investigation...... click for full document



...beta-glucan stimulates calcium-dependent signalling of IL-8 secretion by human airway cells Click here for research


Colds and Flu - whilst your innate immune system may not be able to protect you entirely, a fully primed system will certainly lessen your chances of catching flu and improve your chances of fighting the virus should you be exposed to it - read more here from Prof. Gerber and Dr Clayton.


HSI article Aug091,3-1,6 Beta Glucan is a powerful immune-enhancing nutritional supplement. This unique compound primes the innate immune system to help the body defend itself against viral and bacterial invaders.

Beta Glucan is a scientifically-proven biological defence modifier (BDM) that potentiates the immune response through macrophage and dendritic immune cells to safely yield various therapeutic effects. For many years glucans have been investigated for these immune enhancing properties, particularly their ability to activate macrophage immune cells and, in turn, the T-cells, NK cells and B cells including selected cytokines and complement."
More info on Wikipedia here.


Click here for Hazel Courteney's article
about diet and nutrition
which concludes:
'Beta glucans are a great breakthrough in improving immune function - protecting us against infection, cancer and allergies.'


You Tube beta-glucan videoClick here for YouTube video on how Beta-Glucan works


Full report and references here.

1.Now available Pro-Ferm the ultra luxury skin treatment range containing a patented Beta-Glucan formulation incorporating Glucaferm®  skincare.


2. Poultry breeders and farmers are using Beta-Glucan products to replace antibiotic.


3. Lucia van de Post of The Times suggests "Pro-Ferm marks a huge step forward in helping to delay skin ageing" Details here


Latest Developments
Beta Glucans are now available commercially as:


Glucasan®+, Glucamune and Betamune75 the leading beta-glucan (1-3, 1-6) products taken as a human food supplement. Now available in the UK and elsewhere.


Leucogard® a poultry, swine and fish food supplement used as an alternative to anti-biotic growth additives.


Glucaferm® specially developed for use in the very latest face creams; it firms the skin and reverses the signs of skin ageing.

but Beta-Glucan is a long chain molecule - how can it possibly get deep into the skin? Answer here.


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