Beta-Glucan - the new alternative to antibiotic  
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Research began in the 1940's but only now do scientists fully understand the implications.

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Your diet is the only sure way to full health and immunity to illness.

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People spend a lot on cosmetics but your skin and complexion need help from the inside too!

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Glucans are immune modulators - a natural route to freedom from infection and illness.

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A new approach:

Glucaferm® activates the immune defense of the skin, boosts the natural regeneration of the skin cells, helps to protect against the damaging effects of environmental influences and prevents premature signs of skin aging.

Hyaferm® excels by its outstanding transdermal carrier properties making it possible for the first time to carry ingredients into deeper skin layers.

The Pro-Ferm skincare line combines the immune stimulating effects of Glucaferm® and its regenerating and revitalizing benefits with the carrier properties of Hyaferm®.


Only this combination guarantees that the active substance can quickly penetrate the skin upon application to unfold there its entire efficacy.



What effects does Glucaferm® have?

Besides its external barrier function, our skin is also one of the major immune systems of our body. The top layer, the epidermis, holds the so-called Langerhans cells (macrophages of the skin). As one of the most important cells of the immune defense, they fulfill essential defensive and stabilizing functions in the skin. Glucaferm® boosts these epidermal macrophages and consequently mobilizes their activity.

Our skin is constantly exposed to a multitude of aggressive environmental factors. Damaging UV rays, chemical and mechanical influences provoke many microscopically small injuries of the skin and force it to continuous regenerative actions. Here the Langerhans cells play a major role. They cleanse wounds of penetrated germs, eliminate damaged cells and dead tissue particles and direct the growth of new tissue.

With advancing age, the skin's regenerative ability and infection defense decline. Its capacity to release the necessary growth factors for skin renewal and to activate other cells of the immune system diminish. Glucaferm® promotes the activity of the Langerhans cells, thus preventing these aging processes in the skin.

UV radiation produces a multitude of free radicals, which damage healthy skin cells and destroy the Langerhans cells. Glucaferm® neutralizes these free radicals. Consequently, it protects skin cells and Langerhans cells against damage and destruction. The skin recovers a vital and healthy appearance. Its defense system is enhanced and its regenerative capacity maintained.

This combination of cell protection and cell activation makes our product range a comprehensive and highly efficient anti-aging-program in the field of modern premier cosmetics.

Visible results:

Regular use of our skincare products guarantees visible and ongoing results:

  • Vital and healthy condition of the skin
  • Healthier complexion
  • Perceptibly softer and smoother skin
  • Decrease in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improved moisture content in the skin
  • Increased firmness and elasticity of the skin
  • Enhanced immune system of the skin
  • Perfect protection and skincare against damaging environmental influences

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