Beta-Glucan - the new alternative to antibiotic  
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Research began in the 1940's but only now do scientists fully understand the implications.

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Your diet is the only sure way to full health and immunity to illness.

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People spend a lot on cosmetics but your skin and complexion need help from the inside too!

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Glucans are immune modulators - a natural route to freedom from infection and illness.

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What are glucans?

What are glucans?
  • Glucans are macro-molecules made from the carbohydrate glucose.
  • Glucans have numerous naturally occurring forms and can be obtained from micro-organisms and from some highly developed plants and fungi.
  • Such Glucans not only differ from one another chemically but differ widely in their structure, properties and effect.
  • When absorbed into the system some can harmlessly mimic a molecular intrusion which in turn stimulates an immune response.
Only (13),(16)--D-glucans are immune modulators
  • Not all glucans are able to activate the immune system.
  • The characteristic feature of active glucans is the -(13)-chain made up of glucose molecules. These glucans are often described as beta-glucans.
  • However, beta-glucans are bad immune modulators, unless they are comprised of branches of the -(13)-chain which is made up either of single glucose molecules or chains of it.
  • Glucans with these specific branches are called (13),(16)--D-glucans. It is this group of glucans that is able to bolster the immune system.
  • But even among (13),(16)--D-glucans a substantial divergence exists between the number and length of the branches.
  • Thus, big differences also exist as far as the efficiency of beta-glucans are concerned.
What are the effects of (13),(16)--D-glucans?
  • According to the latest experimental scientific findings, (13),(16)--D-glucans used in Vitalize products (obtained through a patented process) are one of the most efficient biotic activators.
  • Through the activation of a specific type of white blood cell, the macrophage, (13),(16)--D-glucan bolsters the immune system of both humans and animals.
What are the Crucial elements?


  • The decisive factor for the stimulating effect exerted by these macro-molecular saccharides on the immune system, is the combination of 13-main chains of glucans, that are of a specific chain length, with characteristic 16-branch points.
  • In glucans made up of glucose molecules in so-called 14 linkages, no effects were detected to have been exerted on the immune system.
  • If taken orally the particles need to be between 1-20μ to be capable of ingestion and to stimulate the macorphages effectively.
Any side effects or allergies?
  • As natural food supplements the yeast-derived (13),(16)--D-glucans, used in the leading beta glucan products, do not have any side effects nor are they known to cause allergic reactions.
What can they do to help?
  • Glucasan+ supports the immune system and helps prevent illness and infection when taken regualrly as a food supplement
  • Pro-Ferm cosmeceuticals are available which reduce wrinkles and prevent the signs of ageing by supporting the extra cellular matrix when used regularly as face creams.
  • Leucogard is used as an anti-biotic substitute and natural health supplement in animal feed for poultry, swine and fish.
  • Vitagard has specially formulated versions for horses and dogs taken with feed as a natural health supplement and immuno modulator.


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